P.O.D. es una banda cristiana de nu metal, se formó en San Diego, California, en 1992. El símbolo P.O.D. significa Payable On Death (literalmente, en Español,Indemnizado por muerte). Es un término ampliamente utilizado en los bancos en los que cuando una persona muere alguien hereda su propiedad. Es necesario que una persona muera para alguien heredar. Esta es una referencia que hace la banda a nuestro Señor Jesucristo, que murió por nosotros, y el pago con su Sangre nuestros pecados,para ser Libres y dándonos la oportunidad de ser salvados.



POD - Demo tape (1992)



Track List:
1 Give Me An Answer
2 Tears of Blood
3 The Author and Destroyer
4 Theme Song – Dedication




POD - 1996 BROWN



2.Know Me
6.One Day
7.Punk Rocks
8.Breath Babylon
9.Funk Jam
11.Reggae Jam
12.Full Color
13.Seeking The Wise
14.Live And Die




POD - Limited Edition Bonus CD



Track List:
1 Warriors Come Out to Play...
2 Draw the line (Fundamental version)
3 It's About Time (Demo)
4 Lie Down (Demo)
5 Estrella (Demo)
6 Messages for Your Answering Machine




POD - Payable on death Live (1997)



Track List:
1 Intro
2 One Day
3 Draw The Line
4 Selah
5 Know Me
6 Punk-Reggae Jam
7 Breathe Babylon
8 Preach
9 Full Color




POD - Warriors Ep (1998)



Track List:
1 Intro
2 Southtown
3 Breathe Babylon
4 Rosa Linda
5 Draw The Line
6 Full Color
7 Sabbath







Track List:
1 Coming Back
2 Let the Music Do the Talking
3 Draw the Line
4 Who is Right?
5 Get it Straight
6 Run lyrics
7 Snuff the Punk
8 Can You Feel It?
9 Three in the Power of One
10 Every Knee
11 Murder




P.O.D. The Fundamental Elements of Southtown



Track List:
1 Greetings
2 Hollywood
3 Southtown
4 Checkin' Levels
5 Rock the Party
6 Lie Down
7 Set Your Eyes to Zion
8 Lo Siento
9 Bullet The Blue Sky
10 Psalm 150
11 Image
12 Shouts
13 Tribal
14 Freestyle
15 Follow Me
16 Outkast







Track List:
1 Wildfire
2 Will You
3 Change The World
4 Execute The Sounds
5 Find My Way
6 Revolution
7 The Reasons
8 Freedom Fighters
9 Waiting On Today
10 I And Identify
11 Asthma
12 Eternal







Track List:
1 Set it Off
2 Alive
3 Boom
4 Youth of the Nation
5 Celestial
6 Satellite
7 Ridiculous
8 The Messenjah
9 Guitarras de Amor
10 Anything Right
11 Ghetto
12 Masterpiece Conspiracy
13 Without Jah, Nothin'
14 Thinking About Forever
15 Portrait








Track List:
1 Roots In Stereo
2 Lights Out
3 If You Could See Me Now
4 Goodbye For Now
5 Sounds Like War
6 On The Grind
7 This Time
8 Mistakes & Glories
9 Let You Down
10 Teachers
11 Strength Of My Life
12 Say Hello
13 Mark My Words




P.O.D_-_Greatest Hits



Track List:
1 Southtown
2 Boom
3 Going In Blind
4 Roots In Stereo
5 Alive
6 Youth Of The Nation
7 Sleeping Awake
8 Rock the Party (Off The Hook)
9 Lights Out
10 Goodbye For Now
11 Execute The Sounds
12 Will You
13 Truly Amazing
14 Satellite
15 Set Your Eyes To Zion
16 Here We Go
17 If It Wasn't For You







Track List:
1. Addicted
2. Shine With Me
3. Condescending
4. It Can't Rain Everyday
5. Kaliforn-Eye-A
6. I'll Be Ready
7. End Of The World
8. This Ain't No Ordinary Love Song
9. God Forbid
10. Roman Empire
11. When Angels & Serpents Dance
12. Tell Me Why
13. Rise Against







Track Listing:
1.Set It Off
6.Shine With Me
7.Lights Out
8.Without Jah, Nothin
9.Youth of the Nation
10.When Angels & Serpents Dance
11.It Can't Rain Everyday
13.God Forbid




Newsboys (sometimes stylized as newsboys) is a Grammy Award-nominated Christian pop rock band. The band was formed in Australia in 1985 and has been one of the most popular and best-selling Christian music artists of the past two decades.





Shine: The Hits is the first compilation album by Christian pop rock group Newsboys. It was released in 2000, spanning recordings from 1988 to 1998 (songs from 1999's Love Liberty Disco, their latest studio album at the time, were left off the collection). Exclusive to the set were three new songs ("Joy", "Who?", and "Praises"), an update of their 1996 hit "God Is Not a Secret", featuring dc Talk's TobyMac, a remix of their hit "Shine".

Shine: The Hits es la primera compilacion de la banda de pop rock cristiano Newsboys. Fue lanzada en el 2000, contiene grabaciones desde 1988 hasta 1998. Y con tres canciones exclusivas (joy, who? y praises). Tambien viene con la cancion "God is not a secret" con tobymac de dc talk. y un remix de su exito Shine.

Track listing

   1. "Shine" (Tom Lord-Alge Mix) - 3:45

   2. "I'm Not Ashamed" - 4:40

   3. "Breakfast" - 3:39

   4. "Reality" - 3:29

   5. "Take Me to Your Leader" - 2:59

   6. "Joy" - 4:11

   7. "Entertaining Angels" - 4:20

   8. "Praises" - 4:00

   9. "Spirit Thing" - 3:27

  10. "WooHoo" - 3:24

  11. "Step Up to the Microphone" - 3:57

  12. "God Is Not a Secret" - 3:03

  13. "Where You Belong/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" - 5:33

  14. "Who?" - 3:33

  15. "Believe" - 4:35

  16. "I Got Your Number" - 4:44







He Reigns: The Worship Collection is the second major compilation album for the Christian rock group Newsboys. After the group left Sparrow Records, the label decided to release a new compilation album. While their first compilation Shine: The Hits covered their most well-known songs, He Reigns: The Worship Collection covered the softer, more "inspirational" songs in the latter part of the group's career (from 1999's Love Liberty Disco album to their most recent set, Devotion) leaving off some of their most well-known "pop" songs (most notably "Love Liberty Disco" and "Million Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye)") released during this time period.

He reigns: The worship Collection es la segunda compilacion de Newsboys.

Track listing

   1. "It Is You" – 4:22
          * From the 2002 album Thrive
   2. "He Reigns" – 4:54
          * From the 2003 album Adoration: The Worship Album
   3. "You Are My King (Amazing Love)" – 4:34
          * From the 2003 album Adoration: The Worship Album
   4. "Presence (My Heart's Desire)" – 3:57
          * From the 2004 album Devotion
   5. "Devotion" – 3:58
          * From the 2004 album Devotion
   6. "Blessed Be Your Name" – 4:34
          * Featuring Rebecca St. James
          * From the 2004 album Devotion
   7. "Beautiful Sound" – 3:46
          * From the 1999 album Love Liberty Disco
   8. "In Christ Alone" – 3:58
          * From the 2003 album Adoration: The Worship Album
   9. "Strong Tower" – 4:03
          * From the 2004 album Devotion
  10. "Lord (I Don't Know)" – 3:47
          * From the 2002 album Thrive
  11. "God of Nations" – 3:47
          * From the 2004 album Devotion







In the Hands of God is the thirteenth studio album by the Christian band Newsboys. It was released on May 5, 2009. It is the first album the band will release since the departure of singer and founding member Peter Furler. Although Peter sings all the songs on the album, former dc Talk singer Michael Tait will perform vocal duties on the band's tour in support of the album.

Track listing

   1. "The Way We Roll" - 3:27
   2. "No Grave" - 3:44
   3. "This Is Your Life" - 3:25
   4. "Glorious" - 4:11
   5. "In The Hands Of God" - 4:18
   6. "The Upside" - 3:18
   7. "My Friend Jesus" - 2:50
   8. "Lead Me To The Cross" - 4:08
   9. "Dance" - 3:35
  10. "RSL 1984" - 4:34







The Greatest Hits is a greatest hits album by Christian pop rock band Newsboys. The album features their hit radio singles and two new songs entitled "I Fought The La..." and "Stay Strong."

Track listing

   1. "I Fought the La..." - 3:06
   2. "Breakfast" - 3:37
   3. "Million Pieces" - 4:14
   4. "Shine" - 3:41
   5. "Something Beautiful" - 3:51
   6. "In the Belly of the Whale" - 3:05
   7. "He Reigns" - 4:55
   8. "Wherever We Go" - 3:27
   9. "Take Me To Your Leader" - 2:51
  10. "Stay Strong" - 4:09
  11. "Entertaining Angels" - 4:18
  12. "Reality" - 3:28
  13. "You Are My King (Amazing Love)" - 4:29
  14. "Real Good Thing" - 2:44
  15. "Joy" - 3:43
  16. "Spirit Thing" - 3:26
  17. "It Is You" - 4:21
  18. "I'm Not Ashamed" - 4:25




Newboys - Something Beautiful Ep



Track Listing:
1. Something Beautiful
2. I Am Free (Who The Son Sets Free)
3. Wherever We Go
4. Stay Strong
5. Shine
6. He Reigns



Krystal Meyers (nacida el 31 de Julio de 1988) es una cantante americana de rock cristiano. Su musica combina rock con elementos acusticos.. A comienzos de Junio del 2008, el video musical de “Make some noise”, la primera canción de su tercer álbum, se convirtió en un éxito en el internet. Su nuevo disco incorpora sonidos dance, “Make some noise” fue lanzado el 9 de septiembre del 2008.


Krystal Meyers



Krystal Meyers es el album homonimo y debut de Krystal Meyers, lanzado en el 2005 por Essential Records. El primer album de Krystal tenia un sonido pop rock comparable a Ashlee Simpson y Avril Lavigne.

Krystal Meyers is the self-titled debut album by Krystal Meyers, released in 2005 on Essential Records. Krystal's first album was a Pop rock album comparable to Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne.


   1. The Way To Begin
   2. My Savior
   3. Fire
   4. Fall to Pieces
   5. Reflections of You
   6. Lovely Traces
   7. Anticonformity
   8. Rescue Me
   9. Sing For Me
  10. Can't Stay




Krystal Meyers - Dying for a heart



Dying for a Heart is the second album by Krystal Meyers. This album is more edgy than her first album in musical style and in lyrics. This is most clearly seen in the song The Situation which openly opposes premarital sex. The album peaked at #19 on Heatseekers. Its first single Collide hit #6 on the Christian Rock Charts. The second single The Beauty of Grace hit #4 on the Christian CHR Charts and #2 in Japan. The third single, Hallelujah did not do as well peaking only at #28 on the Christian Rock Charts. Together, the fourth single, made it to #28 on the Christian CHR charts and #23 on the Christian Rock charts.

The song 'Together' was featured on the NBC pre-show for Heroes: Villains.

Track listing

   1. Collide
   2. Live
   3. The Beauty of Grace
   4. The Situation
   5. Love Is On the Run
   6. Only You Make Me Happy
   7. Together
   8. Shake It Off
   9. Stand and Scream
  10. Hallelujah




Krystal Meyers - Make some noise



Make Some Noise is the third studio album by Krystal Meyers. Make Some Noise marks a departure from the alternative/pop rock style of her two previous albums, in favor of a largely 80's-inspired dance pop sound. The US release of the CD features ten new tracks, while the Japanese exclusive edition features all ten, plus a bonus track. The album debuted at #20 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart.

Track Listing

   1. Make Some Noise [writers: Krystal Meyers, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Michael Kotch, Dave Derby]
   2. Love It Away [writers: Krystal Meyers, Lynn Nichols, Josiah Bell, Stephanie Lewis, Robert Marvin]
   3. Shine [writers: Krystal Meyers, Josiah Bell, Robert Marvin, Aaron Rice]
   4. S.O.S. [Krystal Meyers, Ian Eskelin]
   5. Feels So Right [Krystal Meyers, Josiah Bell, Robert Marvin, Adam Smith, David May]
   6. My Freedom [Krystal Meyers, Phillip Larue, Paul Moak]
   7. Beautiful Tonight [Krystal Meyers, Adam Smith]
   8. Up to You [Krystal Meyers, Josiah Bell, Robert Marvin, Brian West]
   9. You'll Never Know [Krystal Meyers, Ian Eskelin]
  10. In Your Hands [Krystal Meyers, Josiah Bell, Robert Marvin, David May]




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